Davies West


Davies West are a Melbourne-based folk outfit, emerging as a unique offering in the contemporary music scene. Their member mix is an eclectic one: a stoutly father with a penchant for anecdotes, a multi-instrumentalist who exclusively wears flannel, a skinny itinerant preacher who hides behind his double bass, a brilliant drummer, and a folk singer trying to keep a lid on it all. This dynamic informs a style that borrows from many and isn’t easy to categorise, but is nevertheless brought together by their musicianship.

So what can you expect to hear? Well, they first and foremost promise energetic, rootsy music hinted with bluegrass. Vibrant mandolin lines dance along a steam train of steel-string guitar, double bass and drums, to which voice is given by rich 4-part harmony. Contrast this with the softly spoken stories of the band members – who all co-write the lyrics and music – illuminate them with Alex Attrill’s vulnerable lead vocal, and you have a diverse, exploratory sound that is simple and creative at the same time.

Alex Attrill – Lead Vocals

Ross Attrill – Banjo, Guitar, Vocals

Callum Edwards – Multi-instrumentalist, Vocals

Ace Reunis – Double Bass, Vocals

Daniel Berry – Drums, Percussion, Vocals



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